Identity + Brand Concept + Advertising + Product Development + Copywriting
Student / Cornish College of the Arts
Timeline: 25 weeks

Ideation: 3 weeks
Research: 4 weeks
Garments: 12 weeks
Shoot: 1 week
Design + Editing: 4 weeks
BFA Exhibit Space: 1 week
How can a fashion brand fight fast-fashion and promote a deeper relationship with nature?

Terra & Thread provides highly functional, well made clothes that serve as dual purpose in your closet: lifestyle meets workwear meant for the outdoors. Small ways in which a company can reduce the amount of waste the customer produces are all steps companies can be taking today. Terra & Thread will take back your used Terra & Thread garments to repurpose into new garments or recycled shopping bags. The clothing tags are made from recycled paper and seeds so the customer does not have to throw anything away and can start their plant journey right away. My deliverables I created for Terra & Thread are listed below.

Deliverables - NIKKI LIM

Research and Development:
   Concept Presentation
   Conducted Interviews
   Researched: plant benefits, fast-fashion, the market
   Designed two Infographics
   Conducted Practice Shoots
   Scouting Shoot Locations
   Made Muslin Garment Samples

   Designed Brand Guidelines
   Logo and Brand Concept
   Designed/Sewed 2 Final Garments
   Shot and Filmed 3 shoots
   Makeup for the shoots
   Designed the 60-page Editorial Book
   Shot and Edited the Commercial
Brand Guidelines
Project Statement
Process Below
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