I love how type and image, when composed, can convey powerful messages and spark strong emotions in people. I'm a designer with a BFA in visual communication looking for challenging problems to solve and a place where I can help make a difference.
During my time at Cornish College of the Arts, I interned for the creative development team at Pacific Market International working on China Asia Pacific Starbucks product design. Then, I moved on to work for the same company on the Stanley Marketing team as the samples coordinator. All of these experiences helped me hone my skills in time-management, organization, dielines, design, working in a team environment, and event planning.
With a background in photography, I have a strong interest in package design, advertising, editorial design, social media, web, fashion, and anything related to sustainable practices.
When I am not designing, I love traveling, eating great food, mothering all my plants and shopping for my next pair of sneakers.