Packaging + Brand Concept + Identity + Product Photography + Copywriting
Student / Cornish College of the Arts
Timeline: 6 weeks

Create original paint brand and line of products marketed towards sophisticated, professional, and untrained artists in the 20-40 year old range.

Original brand and packaging concept for Context, a paint company. Logo is hand lettered and packaging includes original polaroid photography. For the concept, one needs specific context to know what the color refers to, whether that be pop culture or a saying, “pitch black” and “pure white”.

   Hand lettered logo
   Identity Concept
   Edited Product Photography Shots

Designed packaging for: 
   Spray paint
   Paint marker
   Paint marker refill bottles
   Acrylic paint
   Paint thinner

Product Photography - DOMINIC GRACYALNY

Swoon was among the possible company names to choose from, and throughout my original sketches, ideation and digital process, the company name is Swoon, until the change over to the name Context because it fit better with the new concept and direction.

Before the switch over to Context Paint, the visual aesthetic and concept is for Swoon.

My ideation workflow from rough draft to final product shows the evolution from the Swoon concept to the final Context concept. After a few weeks, I along with others noticed I was not happy with the direction of the paint company. I want to start incorporating my interest in photography with my design so I merge the two with this project.

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