Branding + Advertising + Web
Student // Cornish College of the Arts
5 Weeks
Design a campaign for a company that can organically absorb a more sustainably packaged product.

How can waste be reduced via the cosmetic industry?

MAC (Makeup Art Cosmetics) stands for all ages, all races, and all genders. MAC also believes in social responsibility which is why they can organically add another cause to their agenda. The solution to the design question is to create an on brand MAC Green Fund that donates 100% of the purchase price of any VIVA Glow lipstick to the cause. This is following the business model of their existing MAC Aids Fund in collaboration with the VIVA Glam lipstick line.

   Designed the website page for Campaign and products
   Original copy for more information
   Biodegradable lipstick packaging mockup with an updated look
   Soy based ink on the lipstick box concept
   Original photography for the visual assets of the campaign

With an overarching environmentally conscious concept looming over my head as I brainstorm for this project, I come up with 50 ideas and create a mind map connecting those ideas with deliverables.

Each week, I present the research and concept progress with the class to gain feedback. Here are some project progress updates as well as some of the extensive research on the beauty industry's waste production and information on MAC cosmetics as a brand.

Taking note of MAC's bold, experimental, and provocative visual campaigns, I directed my own photoshoot with a model to emulate the spirit of MAC and create an equally provocative feel. I directed the photoshoot by arranging the lighting (gels over LED lights), doing the makeup, and taking all the photos. Over 500 photos to choose from in the end.

Original photo, copy, and the new all black biodegradable lipstick mockup. This would live on the existing MAC cosmetics website.
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